Serendipity Speaks, and its Beautiful

Everyone has their own meaning of what this word means to them. Serendipity to me is something amazing happening or transpiring at a time you least expect it and this amazing thing totally takes you by surprise like you never knew was possible. Serendipity is not coincidence or science. It is just something that is meant to be. At a time of suffering or sadness, Serendipity can be the saving grace or the moment you need to feel whole again. Some have their beliefs in their god(s). I have belief in the universe, or the force, you know like in Star Wars? It can almost be compared to the social aspect of Quantum Entanglement. So I had my serendipity moment last year. In times where I did not think I would be able to breathe or feel again I was revived. Times where I thought to myself that the world was out to get me and I had no one left. I did not believe in myself nor have anymore confidence. I was going through a very rough time, probably one of the hardest I’ve dealt with. Along came someone I never saw coming but should have. The one that changes you for the better, that one came into my life. It was honestly serendipity. I have found love in my life a few times, but never like this. I think I found him…. you know who I am talking about. I didn’t say a name but you still thought of them. Its the person when you feel what they feel, you can sense something is not right whether physically or otherwise. You two are connected. When that person touches you and its like electric waves, still… every time. When you try to stare at them and realize they’re already looking and you still blush.

The chemistry is unreal. It will be something like you’ve never experienced before. You are so compelled by everything they do that you can’t remember what its like without them around. This was all caused by something. This person literally fell out of the sky and into my world. It is super cliche but the feeling of “home” and not being a location but a feeling, that is what its all about. I think serendipity happened for me to find a soul mate. My soul needed to be nourished. It needed its other half. My soul needed to feel secured and protected. Never in my life has my soul felt so refreshed. I needed to feel free again, I needed to honestly find myself. I found myself and a lot more. I have never laughed so hard in my life. I am so thankful for serendipity. Thank you universe for delivering my other half to me. Thank you to the force for allowing me to find my sith soul as we both have a darkness. And thank you to him for everything you do. I am so happy serendipity spoke and allowed my life to be fulfilled.