How do you define a “fair test?” How do you define a “biased test?” What can be done to eliminate unfair and biased test?

A fair test can be defined as a test in which all aspects are identical. A fair test takes into account what is being measured. There are no specific influences from culture, environments, or any outside factors, strictly statistical information. The questions must be identical and the test-takers must all be on the same level of intelligence. This ensures a fair test and that one person did not have an advantage of another based on their academic skill. A biased test is something completely opposite and typically will go in someone’s favor. This type of testing could lead the administrator to already have a biased opinion of the results based on the specific bias.

A biased test could have lots of distractions on lean more to one side. For example, in order for a test to be fair there are certain elements that need to be adhered by. A great example of a fair test is the test that is given to residents that are on the path for citizenship, this test must be in English only. This is to ensure fairness into passing the test and that everyone is on the same middle ground. One biased part to this test could be offering the test in different languages. This could dramatically skew the mean and the test could be deemed unreliable.

There are many things that can be done to ensure fair and unbiased testing. First, the measurements need to be the same and the questions also need to be identical. The test administrators also need to be aware of the testing subjects. It is imperative the test is more generic than specialized in order to get to the results without bias.


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