Phineas Gage: May 3rd, 2010

In order to describe the role of the brain in cognitive functions, one must know what cognition is. Cognition is the process of information, changing inclinations, and pertaining to the knowledge. In psychology, most refer to cognition as the mental processes or thoughts. Cognition can also relate to linguistics, learning, reasoning, one’s mind, perception, and or intelligence. In psychology, how we know the world would be described as cognitive. How one knows the world includes his or her memory, imagery, language or languages, problem solving skills, and one’s concept of attention. Emotion was not originally part of cognitive psychology but now is under the category of metacognition to include the strategies and processes of one’s emotions.

Cognitive functions of the human brain is the exact thing that separates humans from any other species. Thoughts one might have each day is a cognitive function of the  brain as well as the way our bodies move and how a human has the concept and process of emotion. (Jeanty, 2010) The part of the brain that is the largest in size is the cerebral cortex, this is where cognitive functions occur. Cognitive functions depend the most on what signals are sent through different parts of the brain.



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Shreeve, J. (2009). Beyond the Brain, Republished from the pages of National Geographic magazine. Retrieved from


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